Web GIS – and the Science of Where


Hovedtalere ved Kortdage 2017


Forward-thinking organizations connect people to technology to drive improved quality of life, innovation, and better choices. The idea of building smart communities has been around for quite some time. Governments were excited to rally around this concept and see how they could build communities that were strengthened through technology. Now a widely-accepted concept, there is an abundance of new technologies emerging that enable us to turn goals into action. And all these solutions have one thing in common: they use location intelligence to answer the critical civic question that often stands as a roadblock between mission and policy — “WHERE?”

Mr. Dangermond’s talk will review how recent GIS innovations are empowering leaders to make more data-driven decisions, helping staff cut costs, increase efficiency, improve services, and encouraging citizens to be more aware and engaged in their community, all using The Science of WhereTM. By implementing resources that harness big data, information from the Internet of Things, and crowdsourced data from the public, communities are making GIS an integral part of their governing processes. Powerful online hubs with initiative apps and interactive maps layered with real-time data are making it possible for community leaders to make their citizens safer, healthier, more prosperous, and better-informed. And this is just the beginning.


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